About The Infection Team

Matty Rockdef

Some men just want to watch the world burn, not only does Matty want to watch he wants to make jokes about it He is a firm believer that if the truth didn’t hurt, it wouldn’t be so damn funny . Matty was almost awarded “The World’s Laziest Supervillain” but he didn’t mail in the application.

Matty is from the tri state area, and currently resides in one of the three states in that area. He’s married, and has a couple of kids one of those kids has a kid but that kid is just a kid so she’s too young to have kids.

Philanthropy has always been an interest to Matty and he has thought about donating both his time and his money to the most noble charities that anyone can think of…just think of one… yup that one too.!

    Matty enjoys long walks down a dark path with unsuspecting strangers, Windowless vans, and Fresca.

His pet peeves are fake people, and pepper spray.

Professor Mike LiToris

Prof. Mike LiToris is the quasi-fictional alter-ego of Michael D. Peco. As The Professor, Michael is the Co-Creator, Executive Producer and Announcer of The Media Virus Podcast and the Voice of The Media Virus Podcast Network Imaging. On the show you’ll hear Michael introducing the show and various bits on the show as well as reading many of the news stories. Michael is also responsible for curating and scheduling content and “The Sound” of The Media Virus Podcast Network, recording and processing much of the audio and producing much of the audio imaging. Michael is available for voice over and acting work and can occasionally be found in independent film productions and on the community theatre stage at Chapel Street Players in Newark, Delaware.

Staff Writer Bill

Staff Writer Bill is really the engine that drives the show. Matty’s constant mockery of SWB has kept us entertained from the beginning. In the two years that we’ve been producing this podcast, Staff Writer Bill has won “Sexiest Staff Writer” for 4 years in a row, and never once had a good idea. There was that one thing but none of us can remember what it was now. We think he’s only part of the show because he thinks that Matty is a schitty version of popular celebrities

Dr. Stanley “Big Daddy” McFadden, B.D.

(Not really a doctor)

Need advice on Love, Romance or just plain F@()()kin, then you came to the right place. The doctor (not really a doctor) ain’t got no pills but he still cure your ills. Ask the Doctor (not really a doctor) Anything , and I mean Anything you want, “c’mon it’s OK I’m a Doctor” (not really a doctor)

Give me a call here at the Media Virus Podcast 1-646-VIRUS-01. and I’ll give you the prescription for ecstasy.

The Media Virus Podcast assumes no responsibility for the actions taken upon the advice of Stanley McFadden, and we sincerely hope that he means the definition for the word ecstasy before the advent of the street drug.

GreaseMonkey Pete

Ya know that guy that’s down in the belly of the machine amongst the gears and the grease keeping that g@dd@mn thing moving forward ? Yeah, that’s Pete, and he does the same thing for us. He’s the one that will say Hi if you comment on the YouTube stream, but he’s busy plugging sh!t in and refuckulating the capacititties, and eating tacos into his microphone and when tech problems hit we blame Pete, and everything is Exclusively Pete’s fault all the time. We don’t want to hear his excuses, we want results PETE!

Pete enjoys farting on children in the grocery store,