A new episode is available – TMVP Ep. 121a – Top 3 News – Gummies, Dummies, Hope They’re Yummy…

https://ift.tt/8T0u7g4 https://ift.tt/qiNUhfu March 3, 2023

A-Block -Top Three:




Hope They’re Yummy!

[TMVP Theme]

Introductions: Infection Team / Guest – Izzy Gesell

Top 3 News – Gummies, Dummies, Hope They’re Yummy…

Tease: B Block -The Infection Team talks with Organnisational Alchemist, Izzy Gesell and whatever else we can sneak in; and in The C Block: Matty’s Tiktok Nonsense Corner,  How to Survive Dating a Black Woman and Just The Tips #29.

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