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B- Block

Where do I begin? How about Yonkers, New York in 1968. That's where I was born and played with Fisher Price people, creating stories and acting them out as long as I knew my mother wasn't listening through the door.

By the time we moved to South Florida in 1978, I was writing short stories and poems, mostly funny, with no one to show them to except my parents and two brothers. If only the internet existed back then!

I also loved movies, so when I went to college, I took a film course. I enjoyed it so much that my writing turned to screenplays. I earned a degree in Motion Pictures and later, a master's degree in Screenwriting from the American Film Institute.

Since then, I've written, produced, and directed a movie about $2 bills, written a book about the same, created a mobile app, and now have completed my first humor novel. It satirizes cancel culture by telling the story of a Hollywood celebrity who sends out a tweet with a typo that offends most of society.

Tease: The Rap Snax Report, Reel Talk with The Guys and Matty’s Tiktok Nonsense Corner and Just The Tips 31 in the C Block.

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