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Marc's Story – Marc's website

As a highly trained and skilled coach, I have completed rigorous and comprehensive coaching programs with industry leaders such as,“The Coaching Dojo” lead by Ken Blackman and Alexandra Stockwell.3 years of service as a coach and facilitator of “Men’s Wisdom Work” (https://menswisdomwork.com/) lead by Zat Baraka Elias. Buddhist Studies Institute Meditation Instructors Training Certification 2022 https://buddhiststudiesinstitute.org/meditation-instructor-training-2023/ lead by Pema Khandro4 year membership and certification in Anti-Racism work through “The ReMember Institute Curriculum for Diversity Consciousness,” (https://www.rememberinstitutenetwork.com/) lead by Brig FeltusAnd most recently The Initiation Experience with Sanyika “The Firestarter” Street. https://theallinceo.com/programs/

My dedication to personal and professional growth doesn’t stop there. I continue to push the boundaries of my own development through ongoing transformational work with my own personal coaches. I am committed to expanding my knowledge and skills, so that I can provide my clients with the most effective and transformative coaching possible on an ongoing basis.

But don’t just take my word for it, explore some of the testimonials my clients have sent in.Testimonials: https://marcwendtcoaching.com/testimonials/

Further, I am a member of a group of heart centered entrepreneurs called METAL. https://www.metal.men This group of polymaths, is dedicated to helping men create success and impact in the world while also retaining the values of brotherhood, inspiration, and adventure.

In addition to my coaching career, my diverse background as a musician, songwriter, archivist, theatrical technician, and screenplay writer has also given me a unique perspective and ability to connect with clients from all walks of life.

I am also the owner and administrator of a 3000-person Facebook group dedicated to quantum masculine development and a leader of online workshops focused on developing men’s intimacy, emotional intelligence, and communication skills.

After decades in a career working for a successful film company, they were sold to a larger corporation. During this transition, I began realizing I could achieve even more in life by creating a successful business built around serving. Shortly thereafter, I began working with business and personal development coaches, dedicating myself to the adventure of self-discovery, and personal mastery.

Throughout the last decade, I have transformed my life through discipline and devotion to my values of Integrity, Innovation, Ingenuity and Service. I have created a successful coaching business built around creating an impact in people’s lives.

Tease: Reel Talk with The Guys and Just The Tips 33 in the C Block.

Send in a voice message: https://ift.tt/hUNkeZy

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