A new episode is available – TMVP Ep. 132b – More News & SWB vs. AI

https://ift.tt/mJCUnkv https://ift.tt/LmMSery May 20, 2023

B- Block 

More News  <break> for 100 Hottest Promo

Radioactive Pavement

Texas Bill Screws Locals

Minnesota May Chase Uber

Bill Versus AI

During the writer’s strike, TMVP has been negotiating with SWB to come to a deal that we can all live with…  For example, Bill get’s what we get until we get something, then we can revisit what Bill gets…  As part of the negotiation, Bill agreed to have a Write Off against ChatGPT to prove his value to the show.  The Rules are simple:

  1. Bill & AI will each Write 3 Pitches for Adam Sandler Movies.

  2. We will put one of each against one another for Matty and Pete to decide what’s Bill’s and What’s AI’s AND which one they like best.

  3. The Winner will be determined by Whoever’s Pitches are The Most Liked.

Tease: Tiktok Nonsense and Just The Tips 40 in the C Block.

Send in a voice message: https://ift.tt/GWchbXy

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