The Media Virus Podcast to Celebrate Matty Rockdef’s 47th Birthday on Tonight’s Episode

NEW YORK, NY – The Infection Team of The Media Virus Podcast is thrilled to announce that tonight’s episode will be a special celebration of Matty Rockdef’s 47th birthday. The episode, which will air from 8:30 pm to 10:30 pm, will feature special birthday messages from friends of the show, as well as the usual irreverent discussions that have made the podcast so popular.

Listeners can expect to hear the team’s signature segments, including Top 3 News, Just The Tips, and Reel Talk with The Boys. As always, the team will be discussing the latest news, trends, and events in the world of media, entertainment, and technology. And of course, there will be plenty of friendly ribbing and banter to keep the conversation lively.

The Media Virus Podcast can be found on Spotify and all other major podcast platforms, as well as on the show’s website, http://www.themediavirus.com. Listeners can also tune in to the livestream on YouTube. Those who want to join the conversation can call in live at 1-646-Virus-01.

Tonight’s show will be the 131st episode of The Media Virus Podcast, and promises to be a fun and festive celebration of one of the team’s most beloved members. Fans of the show won’t want to miss it.

For more information, contact Professor Mike LiToris at 1-646-Virus-01 or PML@themediavirus.com.


This Week on The Media Virus Podcast(s)

Hey, Gang,

PML here to let you know that this week we are joined in all three segments by Bob LeMent from The Static Radio Podcast! As usual, A-block on Friday, B-block on Saturday and C-block on Sunday; all scheduled for 5am EST on their respective release days.

Listen twice and tell some friends!

TMVP Ep. 112a – Top 3 News – Military Boners, Pickle Tickle fixes Nasal Trickle, MacCauley MacCauley Culkin Culkin

A-Block -Top Three:

-Military Boners

-Pickle Tickle fixes Nasal Trickle…

-MacCauley MacCauley Culkin Culkin

[TMVP Theme]

Introductions: Infection Team (cast)

Top 3 News – Military Boners, Pickle Tickle fixes Nasal Trickle, MacCauley MacCauley Culkin Culkin

Tease: B Block -JTT 21.1, You Laugh, You Lose, PML’s Hair has inspired Rockabiri in Japan,  ; and in The C Block: Matty’s Tiktok Nonsense Corner,  and More News if we need it.

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